The reality of VanLife #1 – Houseshare du Psychopath

As a child, I never thought that I’d spend my twenties being voluntarily homeless.
But by age twenty-three, after surviving conventional housing in 3 other countries, I knew I wasn’t doing this renting-rip-off thing a second longer.

I’d been living in a flatlining suburb that wilted over the edges of greater London. I told myself I lived in London, but the reality was my commute caused arterial constriction and the more I saw people loading meditation apps on the bus, the more I wanted to punch them.

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Municipal Waste show @ The Rickshaw Theatre, Vancouver, 23 May 2019

During my first haircut on Canadian soil, my barber mentioned to me that shows in Vancouver are for the most part, tame. Punters like to stand in front of bands, arms crossed, the occassional headnod. I couldn’t tell if he was talking about neo-gentrified snobbery or if Vancouver shows just attracted a bunch of losers. Either way, I was determined to shake things up a little when I bought tickets for myself and I to see Municipal Waste headline the Modified Ghost festival, at Vancouver’s notorious dive metal venue, The Rickshaw Theatre.

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