Harry Cloudfoot is the UK’s most pioneering slackline instructor, helping people of all ages understand how to use slacklining as a powerful tool for creating balance in their minds, bodies and day-to-day lives.


Harry has taught slacklining to people all over London, the UK and Europe.  He has also started to provide personal training services to a whole plethora of clientele; helping them get stronger cores using the slackline, losing weight with personalised training programs, and getting strength gains utilising Harry’s vast knowledge of strength and conditioning.

Harry most recently has brought slackline instruction to the White Spider Climbing Centre, teaching climbers how to better their performance using the line as their tool.  He has worked alongside Maverick Slacklines for a slackline feature on ITV2’s stunt game-show, ‘Red or Black’. He is also involved with the Slackline Warehouse, Tri-Slacklining and has used his slackline skills to feature in shows with street performers the world over. He has also been featured in various magazines and online publications. 

The confidence Harry has gained from his own personal slacklining experiences over the last two years helped him understand how to train the brain for enhanced mental performance. From achieving goals, to reaching a state of quiet mind, the slackline blasted open his doors of perception and provided a model for harnessing his potential.

Harry has worked with large national organisations such as the Scouts, and Play England, to help encourage young people to get out and move in nature, all whilst learning about their minds and bodies.

He is the founder and event organiser for SlackLondon, a free slacklining mini-festival held annually in central London, UK. Its success as an event has meant that people new to slacklining have started their own scenes all over the capital city.

He is also a committee member of the UK Slackline Association, working with a great team of people dedicated to looking after the interests of slacklining practitioners in the UK.

“Tell me and I forget.
 Teach me and I remember.
 Involve me and I learn”Benjamin Franklin

The Harry Cloudfoot blog is recognised in the adventure sporting world, and is dedicated to showcasing: slacklining’s versatility in active lifestyles, Harry’s various adventures, self-experiments, latest thoughts and meditations on a variety of subjects.

“Slacklining gives people a chance to discover things inside themselves that they’ve forgotten they have” – Cloudfoot

Harry is pushing the ways in which slacklining can benefit anyone. Sports injury victims are gaining from the dynamic stabilisation of various joints, ligaments and muscle groups that slacklining offers. Athletes are now using slacklining as part of their cross-training programs, with great success! And countless people are consistently using slacklining to calm their busy minds; its meditative and destressing benefits are proving that the art of balance can lead one down a path of real relaxation.

Harry was himself a victim of a back injury, diagnosed with a bulging disc in his sacral spine in 2011. Over a period of 6 months, he used slacklining combined with Pilates to heal his injury and yield magnificent results!
Harry studied and trained Classical Pilates as part of his spinal rehabilitation program, with Amy Kellow of Everybody Pilates, which he really enjoyed and found complimented his slacklining immensely.

Harry is also a writer, self-experimenter, traveler and practical philosopher, most recently setting himself the challenge of learning to rock climb.

Those who know how they do something well, should share their knowledge with others – this is Harry’s foundation for wanting to share his knowledge.

Contact Harry here.

Cloudfoot on Twitter
Cloudfoot on Facebook
Cloudfoot on YouTube

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